Welcome to Brownwood Public School, Saharanpur

"Our mission is to nurture the youngs in their hands to become what they are capable of becoming."

Registrations are Open for the Session 2020-21

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Facilities – Why You Should Join Us!

Day Boarding


The School runs an extended-day school for class 1-8 after school hours. The program has been designed to help students revise concepts learnt in School but also to complete homework. We have made special provision for sports. This program is optional and recommended only for those parents ho have less time to spend at home with their children due to the busy schedule.



The School has its own fleet of mini vans and facilitates transport from all parts of the city. Interested parents should fill transport form while finalizing admissions.



The Management keeps the Students and Staff Security and Safety at high priority and the Campus has high fencing which is monitored with CCTV. There are adequate provisions for Fire safety in case of an emergency. The school also provides medical aid room to provide first aid.

ERP: School App!

The school has been the front-runner in adapting technology to enable learning. We have moved on to complete school ERP where parents are given access to see his/her child performance in academics and scholastics area. They get daily updates on their child homework, attendance, timetable, sports events, co-curricular activities and parents can even write to the Principal directly or apply for leave on the app. Parents will soon be given an option to pay fees directly from the app. Management uses the app to enable the learning process.